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I like to think of myself as an innovator. From a very early age I have been obsessed with finding new ways of doing things. I’m all about efficiency and the use of technology to transform the way work gets done. I’ve created successful products for others and for my own ventures. I’ve built companies around my products, raising money and acquiring customers. I truly understand the full life cycle of taking an idea, finding a customer, developing a product, and delivering a solution.

Great Software Systems Need Psychologists and Statisticians

Traditionally the team of people that get together to build software systems consisted of programmers, designers, and system architects. Over the last several years the prominence of designers directing the charge has lead to a dramatic improvement in usability and … Continue reading

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Content Marketing

Today’s small business owner or digital strategist for a larger organization is constantly thinking of how to reach a prospect and convert them into a customer. There are differences in this process when your customer is a business versus a … Continue reading

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Gamification for Business Software

If you have been in the business of software product development or just paying attention to technology press, then you’ve likely heard the term, “gamification.” This is just a fancy way of describing the idea of giving small rewards for … Continue reading

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Putting Government Data to Use

A couple of all-star technical entrepreneurs, Michael Schnuerle and Eric Roland, put together a fantastic app called “SafetyCheck” during this year’s Code for America Hack-a-thon. They won first place in the competition and launched their app for purchase in the … Continue reading

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Consumer Facing Business Applications

“Every business is a software business.” This statement may be overused but it happens to be true. Just about any organization, from a mom-and-pop business, to a franchise owner, to a healthcare company, to a major corporation, are all using … Continue reading

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Profile Your Existing Customers First

Customer Profiling is a helpful process for almost any business. Segmenting customers based on their common traits and reasons for purchasing is how smart marketers drive more conversions from the same number of leads. Most of the time the idea … Continue reading

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Three-Stage Responsive Websites

Let me start by admitting that I am a junkie, of the Marketplace variety. For those of you that haven’t listened to the best business radio/podcasts out there, you should. Marketplace is part of American Public Media and plays on … Continue reading

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