John Williamson headshotI like to think of myself as an innovator.

From a very early age I have been obsessed with finding new ways of doing things. I’m all about efficiency and the use of technology to transform the way work gets done.

I’ve combined this passion with my strong desire to lead people and create products. I started my entrepreneurial career the way most people do – lawn services. At the age of 13 I realized that I could make pretty good money mowing lawns one day a week. However, I’m not sure I was adequately compensating my driver (aka Mom) for carting me, my lawn mower, and weed eater around.

After several years of paying bills and earning spending money with manual labor services, I moved into the world of technology. While running the UK Entrepreneurs Club at the University of Kentucky in 2003, I teamed up with two talented individuals and formed a web development company, 3rd Dimension Design. This entrepreneurial endeavor allowed me to harness the skills of others while selling websites and web applications to business owners of varying sizes. I discovered my ability to take complex business processes and streamline them with a centralized online platform that connected multiple parties. I refer to this as “collaborative work flow.”

I’ve continued to pursue the creation of new products and solutions that use this type of multi-party interaction through an online platform. I’ve created successful products for others and for my own ventures. I’ve built companies around my products, raising money and acquiring customers. I truly understand the full life cycle of taking an idea, finding a customer, developing a product, and delivering a solution.

Over the years of working with clients and leading teams, I’ve realized my passion for public speaking. I had always enjoyed presenting whatever I was working on to just about anyone who would listen, but as of late I have been inspired to really hone my speaking skills. The thrill of captivating an audience and creating an emotion within them is very exciting.

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